This Barebones WordPress Theme Gives You A 1000-Hour Head Start!

Today I’d like to discuss a WordPress starter theme that saves you a ton of time, yet still forces you to implement your own custom design and code. The underscores theme is a starting point for many developers that will literally save you roughly 1000 hours of development time. It comes with just enough functionality, markup, and styles to get started.

All you have to do is go to the Underscores website, download the theme, and get started. There is very little to tear down or modify. As a matter of fact, you can dive into it immediately to start building out your own custom WordPress theme. The entire purpose of it is to be worked with, tweaked, and styled to your liking. Its not a framework, or a parent theme, its meant to morph into your own custom theme. There is no need to make a child theme, just dig in the code and get started!

Now, let me shed some light on the developers of this wonderful theme. Its maintained by a company called Automatic who runs, Jetpack, Kismet, Gravatar, and some other well-known WordPress plugins. They actually update the theme all the time so its very reliable. Not only is it up to date with WP standards, but also stays on top of HTML5 standards. Using semantic tags such as header, footer, nav, article, and section, it introduces your content to the search engines in the best possible way.

Please visit to download the theme. Good luck!

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