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Mike Nittoli is a San Diego Website Design and Search Engine Optimization Expert
San Diego Website Design and SEO Specialist

Mike Nittoli

I am a digital marketing specialist with extensive experience working with local businesses and agencies to grow online outreach. I specialize in website design, SEO, and content creation that increase customer acquisition, penetration, and revenue. 

With 15 years of experience in the field, I have worked with a diversity of professionals, including owners, investors, senior management, sales teams, marketing teams, developers, and designers. I have been successful in developing and executing strategic plans, and managing projects from inception to successful completion for companies as large as Pacific Debt, Inc to small mom-and-pop businesses that need more exposure online.

I received certifications from the Art of Web Design, a mentorship program, in typography, responsive design, and emotional design. These certifications allow me to build a website with a minimalist approach that is satisfying to look at and easy to navigate. I have also received certifications in Javascript, HTML5, and CSS3. This diverse experience allows me to work with and build websites that work well and do not drive away customers through poor performance.  

I later attended the School of Communications Arts NC, now known as the Living Arts College, where I received certification in Digital Graphic Design, Website Design, Digital Art and Animation, and Advanced Digital Animation. I have continued my education with certifications in Front End Foundation and recently Cryptocurrency and Blockchain development. 
I strive to craft a User Interface (UI) using my education, experience, and aesthetic senses to create unforgettable User Experiences (UX) grounded in scientific design theories and human psychology.

Website Designer & Search Engine Expert

I am a website designer, developer, and digital marketer located in San Diego. I have over 10 years of experience developing WordPress websites, and 4 years of Search Engine Optimization experience.

I optimize websites for fast loading time, secure looks beautiful, and functions as it should. I work on multiple projects throughout the week and weekend. I’m also available after the job is complete for any updates and guidance you may need. This gives my customers a sense of relief to know they only have to deal with one person for website design and marketing.

I’m heavily experienced with WordPress page builders such as Elementor, Divi, WP Bakery, Beaver Builder, and I also hand-code HTML, CSS, and PHP for further customization.

My WordPress skills: Installation, Server Migration, Restoration & Backups, Theme Customization, WooCommerce, Product Catalog, Plugin Installation and Setup, Digital Graphic Design (Photoshop & Illustrator).

My SEO Experience: I have over 4 years performing search engine optimization online with Google and Bing. I can help develop custom content that is fit for search engines. SEO Skills: Competitor Analysis Content Strategy On-Page SEO Content Development Search Engine Rank Tracking Fixing Website Errors for Faster Loading Google Analytics, Search Console Bing Places, Webmaster Tools

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My Goals are to help your business grow

My goal as a web designer is to improve your content creation, SEO, and web design and development. Content creation includes targeting keywords that work within various algorithms to target your website. I then create engaging content that is easily read and digested. 

Search engine optimization improves your existing organic search rankings on search engines like Google and Bing. Very few people look beyond the first page of results so you must have targeted SEO in order to appear at the top of the rankings. 

Web design and development are the very structure of your web presence. Heavy, clunky code slows down the upload speed, discouraging potential customers. I create clean and streamlined code that speeds up the experience. I am proficient in WordPress and eCommerce, two powerful host sites that are very effective in driving business to you. 

I am a results-focused, quality-driven marketing professional who can work with you and your teams to create an overall company image and improve your online presence.

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